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Input Madness is an unconventional virtual keyboard,
usable by up to 4 players simultaneously.


Place the keys of your choice on the ground, move your characters above them and activate them! They’ll replicate real keyboard inputs in the window of your choice, allowing you, for example, to write a beautiful cover letter inside MS Word... in coop mode!

But even better, you can also use Input Madness to play all kinds of other games, as long as they’re keyboard-based!

We've heard it works very well with emulators such as Dolphin or Project64 too, but we wouldn’t dare try it ourselves, as roms are illegal. (right?)

Please note: Input Madness requires one or more gamepads to operate.

🌐 Parsec compatible, so you can play with your friends online 🌐
(requires a good connection).


🎮 Controls

A to Join

Left Joystick to Move

A to activate a button when you are on it


A new speedrunning challenge

Input Madness can turn any task into a hilarious and chaotic four-player speedrun challenge. It significantly ramps up the difficulty of your games, so you’ll need to communicate and get creative, and any simple goal achieved will become a team celebration.

We've also set up a subreddit to help you share your feats and key layouts (which you can import and export from the game!)

Here are some examples of challenges to be met:

  • Defeat Mega Satan Binding of Isaac
  • Complete Elden Ring
  • Modeling a pick-up truck in Blender
  • Write a letter of resignation
  • Code an Input Madness clone in Unity


What’s next?

We've decided to make Input Madness completely free of charge, to give as many people as possible the chance to experiment, get to grips with the tool and make it easier to spread around the world!

Our ambition is to develop this tool to meet all your needs. However, we need your help to fund our work.

The more donations we get, the more features we'll be able to add, such as:

  • A mouse control module
  • Obstacles to place on the grid
  • Objects to put on the keys and keep them pressed
  • Environmental parameters (like wind bursts)
  • ... and your suggestions on Reddit, of course!

So, if you have the resources, please consider supporting the project (whether through donations here or by purchasing Toasterball)

If not, feel free to share it or any weird creation you do with it on social media, spread the word and help Input Madness become a speedrun tool not to be missed!

Thank you


Feedbacks and bug report

Contact contact@les-crafteurs.com if you encounter any problems with the game.


About us

We are four indie creators from Lille, France. Together, we joined forces to create all kinds of original projects, including Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with toasters. We’re now also working on an other brand new project due to arrive in early 2024!

Are you a streamer? A club? A speedrun event’s organizer?

Feel free to contact us or share your content with us!
And please remember to credit us, that’s always nice!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Input Madness 1.2.zip 45 MB


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Is there going to be PS4 controller support? Currently donated to get the tool and can't use it now... Didn't see anywhere it stated was only compatible with Xbox.

Thank you so much for your donation!
As I've said on Reddit, this should be the focus of the futur update! (when we'll find the time to make it)
Feel free to stay tune on our Reddit page or with these links :)

How much are you trying to fund?

Well, given that the possibilities for adding content are endless, as much as possible. Let's just say we'll invest all donations made here in the project!

"We've heard it works very well with emulators such as Dolphin or Project64 too, but we wouldn’t dare try it ourselves, as roms are illegal."

Roms are not illegal to have* (depending on how you get them) but are illegal to distribute. You can legally obtain roms via dumping a personal cart.

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looks very fun and interesting, but sadly cant seem to get it to work with my game pads. i tried it on 2 different computers with the same 2 game pads and the program doesn't seem to recognize the game pads. i am using a wired switch controller and a ps4 controller

Thank you for your comment NomDash!
For the moment, as Input Madness is free, we didn't put much effort on this kind of features, unfortunatly. (as we didn't do playtest either haha)

But, if players backed us, and if we find time, you'll be able to use these controllers, as I've made note of your issue for our future updates!
I guess only xbox controllers works for now 🤷‍♀️



Fun expierence